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John Simpson’s prints and drawings fuse image meaning and medium to explore our relationship with the natural world. 


The process and examination of drawing is at the core of his practice. Often abandoning the control of the studio and working with public collaborators, he embraces an element of chaos and the natural mutations which occur in printmaking. This symbiotic process is one way in which his work looks to biology to explore our relationship with nature. The frequent use of natural materials like earth and recycled timber reflects both the subject and the wild nature of these works.


John’s latest works, Hinterlands explore aspects of nature that lie beyond the visible. These expressive drawings are amalgamations of notes and drawings made in the landscape. The process and materials directly relate to the physicality and texture of these hidden spaces.


John Simpson has exhibited at major UK institutions as well as internationally with solo exhibitions in London, Los Angeles and Sao Paulo. He has led interactive printmaking and drawing projects at

Spike Island, Bristol and at Tate Modern, London.



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