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I’m an artist living and working in Bath. Painting and printmaking are at the centre of my practice. Often combining paint with print from found or recycled natural materials, I extend the possibilities of mark making. These works fuse image meaning and medium to explore our relationship with the natural world. My practice bypasses a dominant extractionist ideology in order to explore a more ecocentric engagement with our environment.
My latest series of paintings, 'Hinterlands', explores aspects of nature that lie beyond the visible. These expressive works are amalgamations of notes and drawings made in the landscape. The process and materials directly relate to the physicality and texture of these hidden spaces. Reoccurring natural patterns from the microscopic to the cosmological are revealed through an evolution of layers and movements in paint. The frequent use of natural materials like earth and recycled timber reflects both the subject and the wild nature of these works.


Pulling print.jpg
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