John Simpson is a contemporary artist based in Bristol in the UK.


Drawing is at the core of my practice. It is used as a point of entry and as a process of investigation. 

An evolution of layers and movements combine to create and question image and content.


An interest in the concept of Wild Law and our fragmented connection to the environment drives the work. A frequent use of recycled natural materials and the layering of information fuses image meaning and medium. Patterns emerge through a taxonomy of processes. Printmaking practice necessitates the deconstruction of an image. Thinking in layers both reflects and examines how the human animal and constructed environment relates to the natural. The rewilding of subject and image is developed through intimate and instinctive drawing actions.


John Simpson has exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, London and Sao Paulo.



'John Simpson has a wonderfully fluent and flowing drawing style which lends itself particularly well to his chosen medium, monotypes.


His control of this wayward process is remarkable, and this, combined with his sensitive and poetic imagination and his empathy with his subject matter produces powerful and inforgettable images.'


Gerald Laing

© 2016 John Simpson

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